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"Any idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem." 
Sally Hogshead

codependent customer service

Do You Confuse Codependency With Customer Service?

By Ashley Longmire | Nov 23, 2016

Does any of this sound familiar? You stay up later and later to fix problems in the name of “great customer service”. Delegation rarely happens because you don’t trust anybody else to do it the right way. You feel pressure to take on more and more tasks that are outside of what you would normally agree…

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WeWillGo website redesign

Site Launch: We Will Go Ministries

By Ashley Longmire | Nov 22, 2016

We love site launch days! We Will Go Ministries, a nonprofit in Jackson MS, is now officially a new and ecstatic website client. A “before” screenshot: After: check out the new website for We Will Go Ministries! They wanted an updated, fresh website design before the holidays, and that’s what they got, just in time for…

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antivirus removal business laptop

Tired of Your Computer Running Slow? Clean It Out!

By Micah Longmire | Nov 21, 2016

What do you do if your computer is running slower than usual, but you don’t want to deal with the time and money involved with taking it to a local shop? And who has the time to search through their computer for every potential threat? There are many reasons that your computer could be slowing down, and…

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military commitment dog tags

How To Balance Military Commitment With Business

By Jay Longmire | Nov 11, 2016

I am a business owner as well as a committed member of the Mississippi Army National Guard. It’s not easy, but it is possible to balance military commitment and business. There are many challenges, and many rewards. I joined the MSARNG in 2004, and deployed with some of the most awesome bastards to one of nastiest…

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business productivity tools

Rave of the Week – Free Conference Calls

By Ashley Longmire | Oct 28, 2016

  This week’s rave centers on my favorite tool not just for FREE conference calls, but for conference calls, online meetings, recorded meetings, and screen sharing in general. I have used other services in the past, and I am hooked back on this one. Note: we are not paid for this post, and are not…

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investing in the best business tools for growth

Are You Investing in the Best Business Tools for Growth?

By Jay Longmire | Oct 25, 2016

Driving up to a potential client’s office, I notice their parking lot is filled with sports cars, large SUVs, and 4-wheel drives. I park, and step into a brand new brick building with lush furniture. His assistant directs me to wait until he is ready. After a few minutes, one of his employees calls my name and asks me to follow him to the office.…

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3 Ways a Bad Website Costs You

By Ashley Longmire | Sep 2, 2016

  The digital world moves quickly. It is no longer feasible to view your website as a “set it and forget it” part of your online presence. The statistics are clear. Smartphone usage is exploding. More and more people are using mobile devices to search for reviews, product and service information, and other research. No matter what you offer, this is…

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Merger Brings Insight and Skill to PEAK

By Ashley Longmire | Aug 19, 2016

  On August 1, 2016, Brad Tarver joined with PEAK Solutions, bringing valuable skills and insights with him. Brad, his wife of 5 years, Dr. Kim Tarver, and their two children are a welcome addition to the PEAK family. Brad has worked in the IT industry for 19 years, where he started as tech support at a…

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hard drive failure computer frustration

Are You Missing Your Hard Drive’s Cries for Help?

By Ashley Longmire | May 27, 2016

Your hard drive is where everything on your computer is stored. Everything. Your photos, your music, your programs, your operating system, everything. They are not meant to live forever, but unfortunately, too often we turn a deaf ear to their cries for help. Computers are absolutely crucial to most of our every day lives, and for many of us, a…

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