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Every business has problems that pop up every day. Servers go down, email starts acting up, somebody all of a sudden can't access Quickbooks, your files disappear, a random pop-up seems to have crashed the get the idea.

Or maybe you want to be active on social media, but have no idea how or where to start. You desperately need to update your website, but your staff already has a full plate. You might have a great idea for a custom app to benefit your company, but have no time to pursue it. You aren't really sure if your data is protected.

We are here to partner with you, fix your problems, and take action on the goals that are holding your business back from reaching its fullest potential. From the office to the cloud and back, we are not just your technology company. We are your partners on your path to success.

ensure backup success missing files lost files how to recover how to back up files

Do These 4 Things To Ensure Backup Success.

By Jay | September 15, 2017

Your company produces based on information whether it is stored in a database, in documents stored on a server or in someone’s head. Backups of this information is essential to your business’s survival. Here are some basic survival points to help you in building a workable backup plan. 1. Test your backups Stop right now…

build your own website like a house

So You Want to Make Your Own Website?

By Ashley | March 1, 2017

Anybody who knows me will tell you that I am pretty stubborn. It’s in my blood, the “I can do that myself,” or “I’m the only one who can be trusted to do that right,” streak that pops up at the most inconvenient times. I see this in lots of business owners, and it probably strikes a…


3 Reasons Your Tech Solutions Fail, And How To Fix Them

By Jay | February 21, 2017

I have answered my phone for the last 20 years with “This is Jay. How may I help you?” Many clients go on to tell me their issues, and allow me the opportunity to help them. Occasionally, they bring a problem that is completely new to me, and other times it’s something as simple as adding a…

computer hardware replacement

The Truth About Your Computer Hardware

By Jay | February 13, 2017

Be proactive: plan your hardware replacement cycle. Replacement cycle plan sounds intimidating, but it shouldn’t. It’s simply making sure that you have a general idea of how long your devices will be used. “Devices?” you might ask, “I don’t use ‘devices’. I have a server and workstations.” You may be using PC’s and servers, but in the…

codependent customer service

Do You Confuse Codependency With Customer Service?

By Ashley | November 23, 2016

Does any of this sound familiar? You stay up later and later to fix problems in the name of “great customer service”. Delegation rarely happens because you don’t trust anybody else to do it the right way. You feel pressure to take on more and more tasks that are outside of what you would normally agree…

WeWillGo website redesign

Site Launch: We Will Go Ministries

By Ashley | November 22, 2016

We love site launch days! We Will Go Ministries, a nonprofit in Jackson MS, is now officially a new and ecstatic website client. A “before” screenshot: After: check out the new website for We Will Go Ministries! They wanted an updated, fresh website design before the holidays, and that’s what they got, just in time for…


Peak Solutions did an outstanding job designing and building our organization's website! As a non-profit organization, our site needed to inform and educate while also providing for an e-commerce feature to facilitate registration for our fundraising events. Jay and Ashley nailed it! They were responsive to our needs and technically proficient at the application. We now have a website that is professional and one that we are proud to show off!

Col. Greg Michel

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