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Why You Need Antivirus Yesterday + Who To Trust With It

Imagine a ship on the water. The sea as far as the eyes can see, and the wind and waves are treating you well. Suddenly, a black flag on the horizon catches your eye and before you realize what’s going on, the pirates have you! They use many different tactics and weapons, but their goal…

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What To Do When a Windows Update Breaks Your Computer

broken window broken computer monitor fix for windows 10 update errors

Today it seems like everybody is using Windows 10, and that makes sense. It’s not a bad thing to stick with modern technology, and since Windows 10 has been out for 3 years now, it’s not exactly brand new anymore. The problem is, some users’ technology isn’t ready for today’s world. Recently, Epson printers and…

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How To Help Avoid Downtime & Costly Computer Repairs

happy guy at computer, how to better avoid downtime and costly computer repair

Hi, I’m Micah, the guy who normally comes and handles your computer repairs, emails, printers, etc. You may wonder how you can see less of me, and I respect that, so here’s my answer: Let’s fix things before they break by making sure you have technology that will work in the next decade instead of…

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Why Should I Choose a Technology Solutions Provider Over a Managed Service Provider?

technology service provider vs managed service providers computer consultants and it support

What makes technology solutions different from managed services? In today’s technology-centered world, there is a need for a certain group of workers that keep your business afloat and help you in the times where you need it most. You call us the “IT guys” or the “computer guys”. We don’t mind what you call us…

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Tired of Your Computer Running Slow? Clean It Out!

antivirus removal business laptop

What do you do if your computer is running slower than usual, but you don’t want to deal with the time and money involved with taking it to a local shop? And who has the time to search through their computer for every potential threat? There are many reasons that your computer could be slowing down, and…

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