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Why (and How) You Should Blog For Your Business

By Ashley Longmire | Dec 17, 2018

Do any of these statements describe you? You want to grow your business, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a month in advertising. Your business is relatively new, and you’re working to stand out among some fierce competition. You’ve been in business for a while now, but you’re hitting a plateau with…

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Make a computer do what you want.

By Jay Longmire | Sep 16, 2018

Bloated software that does everything and nothing you want has been around almost as long as computers. Bloatware can make the program you used to love unusable. Often the company will drop key features that you have grown to love in favor of some super new feature that they claim is better. If the software…

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How To Spot An Email Scam

By Adam Coker | Sep 10, 2018

They got me… So many times, I have told people how to protect themselves online. So many times, I have informed clients about the needs to hold every communication captive until proven otherwise. Yet, when the ruse was played against me, I failed to see the danger. After 15 years of working with others, I…

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Why is my computer so slow?

By Jay Longmire | Apr 23, 2018

I hear this question all the time. People want to know why their computer has slowed down. It ran great when they first got it but now it runs slow. Just an aside but they usually use terms like “It runs like garbage”, except replace garbage with any number of profanities. There are many reasons.…

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Why You Need Antivirus Yesterday + Who To Trust With It

By Micah Longmire | Jan 16, 2018

Imagine a ship on the water. The sea as far as the eyes can see, and the wind and waves are treating you well. Suddenly, a black flag on the horizon catches your eye and before you realize what’s going on, the pirates have you! They use many different tactics and weapons, but their goal…

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4 Ways to Stand Out and Help Grow Your Business

By Ashley Longmire | Dec 12, 2017

In today’s world, the quest to stand out and grow your business at the same time often feels like it’s on a shifting landscape. There’s a lot of noise and clutter involved in sales and marketing, but there are many valuable tools and opportunities at the same time. If you’re looking to grow your business…

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broken window broken computer monitor fix for windows 10 update errors

What To Do When a Windows Update Breaks Your Computer

By Micah Longmire | Dec 11, 2017

Today it seems like everybody is using Windows 10, and that makes sense. It’s not a bad thing to stick with modern technology, and since Windows 10 has been out for 3 years now, it’s not exactly brand new anymore. The problem is, some users’ technology isn’t ready for today’s world. Recently, Epson printers and…

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happy guy at computer, how to better avoid downtime and costly computer repair

How To Help Avoid Downtime & Costly Computer Repairs

By Micah Longmire | Dec 11, 2017

Hi, I’m Micah, the guy who normally comes and handles your computer repairs, emails, printers, etc. You may wonder how you can see less of me, and I respect that, so here’s my answer: Let’s fix things before they break by making sure you have technology that will work in the next decade instead of…

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time is money, business automation tips with a custom script or program

How a Custom Script Can Save You Time

By Jay Longmire | Dec 5, 2017

Do you spend hours pulling information from several sources and putting it all together? Do you use a downloaded file like a csv from your web app along with an exported report in xml from some software with notes in excel to create an essential report? You aren’t alone. We all have to pull together…

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