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How To Spot An Email Scam

email phishing red flags scam alert-min

They got me… So many times, I have told people how to protect themselves online. So many times, I have informed clients about the needs to hold every communication captive until proven otherwise. Yet, when the ruse was played against me, I failed to see the danger. After 15 years of working with others, I…

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Why You Need Antivirus Yesterday + Who To Trust With It

Imagine a ship on the water. The sea as far as the eyes can see, and the wind and waves are treating you well. Suddenly, a black flag on the horizon catches your eye and before you realize what’s going on, the pirates have you! They use many different tactics and weapons, but their goal…

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What Exactly Is “The Cloud”, And Does Your Business Need It?

what is the cloud and does your business need it? define the cloud

Ah, the cloud. Alluring. Mysterious. Trendy. Every few months or so, I get this question: “Do I need to be in the cloud?” This always takes me aback. I don’t know if you need to be in the cloud or not. What do you mean by “the cloud”, anyway? Generally the answer goes something like…

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Do These 4 Things To Ensure Backup Success.

ensure backup success missing files lost files how to recover how to back up files

Your company produces based on information whether it is stored in a database, in documents stored on a server or in someone’s head. Backups of this information is essential to your business’s survival. Here are some basic survival points to help you in building a workable backup plan. 1. Test your backups Stop right now…

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Tired of Your Computer Running Slow? Clean It Out!

antivirus removal business laptop

What do you do if your computer is running slower than usual, but you don’t want to deal with the time and money involved with taking it to a local shop? And who has the time to search through their computer for every potential threat? There are many reasons that your computer could be slowing down, and…

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