Why Should I Choose a Technology Solutions Provider Over a Managed Service Provider?


What makes technology solutions different from managed services?

In today’s technology-centered world, there is a need for a certain group of workers that keep your business afloat and help you in the times where you need it most. You call us the “IT guys” or the “computer guys”. We don’t mind what you call us as long as it’s not late for dinner.

What you may not know is that there are differences between different technology management companies. Today I will define two different types, the second being what we refer to ourselves as, and I will explain what we can accomplish for your business that the other cannot.

First off, let’s build a house.

You can build a nice little house for a good price, but if you build a house with no foundation, it will sink.

An MSP (Managed Service Provider)’s contracts and services are this foundation.

They have a defined field of services they provide to their customers, built around a contract or service-based agreement. This field has been prominent since big offices began to use computers and technology in their everyday work flow.

MSPs have helped those businesses maintain and build on what they already know. They provide an imposed contract that fits around their customers’ needs, such as:

  • antivirus
  • server and PC maintenance
  • networking
  • general technological requirements for a company to remain standing.

This house will endure and survive rain and hail, and if they’re careful, they won’t crash anytime soon. Many businesses think that a solid foundation is enough, and in the early days of the internet and technology, they were right. Then comes the earthquake.

Suddenly, all that’s left is the foundation and the parts of the house you worked so hard to build.

Today’s modern world is like living on top of a fault line, and if all you have is a solid foundation, you’re going to spend most of your time building up to the point you reached last, and waiting for it to come crashing down again.

This is where the difference between an MSP and a TSP becomes evident.

Once people began to realize a good foundation wasn’t enough to keep our beloved buildings unbroken, they began developing solutions.

One very good idea was the concept of earthquake stabilizers. These devices dampen the shaking of a building and allow it to endure and survive strong earthquakes by allowing the structure to shake and flex with the motion of the ground.

TSPs (Technology Solutions Providers) are those who encourage your business to not only stand on solid ground, but to prepare for the inevitable. We are a constantly adapting field based on the changing needs of our clients.

Whether it be setting up your foundation and maintaining it like the MSPs of old, to something just as necessary in today’s technology centered world, such as building a mobile and desktop website, phone apps, or modernizing hardware to prevent problems that come with an obsolete workplace.

We craft a solution based around our customer’s questions and concerns, while providing the technological answers and support to grow and thrive in the modern world. If you aren’t spending all your time building back up to a certain point until it comes crashing down again, you can instead spend resources improving and growing your business into what you’ve been wanting it to be: a stable and healthy structure that you enjoy being a part of.

In the end it comes down to two things: capability vs. maneuverability.

A Managed Service Provider knows what they are capable of and provides just that. There’s nothing wrong with it, and if it ain’t broke, why should they fix it?

A Technology Solutions Provider sees that it’s not broken, knows what they’re capable of, and prevents your home and business from having the risk of being broken in the future by giving you room to flex, maneuver, and grow.

At Peak Solutions, we don’t want you to spend your time frustrated by the things that seem to keep crashing back down. We will set you up for success and put the tools in your hands to continue your growth.

Alongside the foundational structure of computer support and maintenance, we provide the options of search engine optimization, social media innovation, beautiful web design, and other fantastic options to assist your business in becoming what you’ve always wanted it to be. Safe, stable, and on the way towards success.

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