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Bloated software that does everything and nothing you want has been around almost as long as computers. Bloatware can make the program you used to love unusable. Often the company will drop key features that you have grown to love in favor of some super new feature that they claim is better. If the software you use to run your business has become unrecognizable and no longer gives you a real competitive advantage it is time to consider custom software.

There are different ways to customize software that come with their own issues. We break then down to : Add ons, Modular and Full Custom software.


Add on software is just what it sounds like. The software adds features to existing programs. Adding pdf print capabilities is an example of an add-on feature. Some add-ons are known to cause unpredictable performance in software leading people to believe their computer has a virus.


Some software companies sell software that has core features but then allow you to add modules or features. You can add custom reports and fields at an extra expense. The company usually controls the code and do not usually share or allow you access to the code.

Full Custom

Full custom software is written completely to your specifications. You can usually negotiate ownership of the code or request access to the source. This type of software can take more interaction and input from the end user to develop.

If you want to consolidate spreadsheets, automate and improve processes or import data, custom software is worth investigating. It can save you from bloated, slow performing software but may cost you more for the features you want.


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