Merger Brings Insight and Skill to PEAK




On August 1, 2016, Brad Tarver joined with PEAK Solutions, bringing valuable skills and insights with him. Brad, his wife of 5 years, Dr. Kim Tarver, and their two children are a welcome addition to the PEAK family.


Brad has worked in the IT industry for 19 years, where he started as tech support at a local ISP. Brad has had many career highlights, from working at a local IT consulting firm, to a large corporate law firm, to earning his CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Administrator). His vast experience includes Exchange Server, Linux script writing, and Apple OS X. However, he does not let his skill or experience go to his head. “I consider myself a customer advocate first, then an engineer,” said Brad.

Brad enjoys seeing the reaction of computer professionals when they grasp the possibilities during training. He prefers working with customers and solving problems they think are insurmountable. Brad has a firm grasp on the future of IT as it pertains to smaller companies, and looks forward to bringing his own perspective to PEAK.

Welcome, Brad!

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