Why You Need Antivirus Yesterday + Who To Trust With It


Imagine a ship on the water.

The sea as far as the eyes can see, and the wind and waves are treating you well. Suddenly, a black flag on the horizon catches your eye and before you realize what’s going on, the pirates have you! They use many different tactics and weapons, but their goal is all the same. They want to steal and destroy what you have worked to build.

The Reality

why you need antivirus and which ones to choose

Everyday in today’s internet centered world, you hear about someone whose credit card information, identity, or password has been stolen. This is the work of those pirates who sail the expansive sea known as the world wide web. They come at you with their worms, trojans, malware, etc. and use them to gain access to the vault that holds your treasure, your computer.

In order to lower the risk of pirates, governments use the navy. In the computer world, we use dependable, adaptable software known as antivirus. There are many different providers of this service, but today I’m going to go over a few different companies that have proved trustworthy over the past two decades.



AVG has been our most commonly used virus-protection software for non-service contracted customers at Peak Solutions due to the one thing we can trust, experience. It has protected our clients from hundreds, if not thousands, of harmful programs and emails over the years. Their basic, free package is enough to protect from most threats.

What They Provide:

  • Virus, Spyware, Ransomware & other Malware Protection
  • Unsafe Links, Downloads, & Email Attachments Censoring
  • Full PC Scans
  • Real Time-Security Updates


For a quick, thorough clean-out of your system, the free client MalwareBytes gives you full, free access to their software for the first 14 days. It will run through your computer and pull out some things that other free clients won’t be able to find or stop. Once again, the free version is one of the best tools I can suggest for one time, deep cleans.

What They Provide:

  • Real-Time Protection from Malware
  • Ransomware Protection (Read more about ransomware)
  • Removes Rootkits & Repairs the Files They Damage
  • Full PC Scans
  • Virus, Spyware, Ransomware & other Malware Protection


What’s interesting about Avast Antivirus is that they recently bought out AVG and added AVG’s services to their arsenal.

We use Avast’s multiple machine monitoring system called Avast Cloudcare, which used to be owned by AVG. While not only protecting your computer from everything that other free services do, it allows us to monitor all of the computers under your company’s umbrella and see if anything is attempting to access your network. This allows us to ensure full coverage for our customers who trust us to make sure they are safe on the water.

What They Provide:

  • Group Updates and Scans
  • Scheduled Automatic Backups of Your Files
  • Removes Conflicting Software to Ensure Your Computer is Running Properly
  • Allows Your Technology Provider to Remotely Monitor Your Network
  • Full PC Scans
  • Real-Time Protection from Malware
  • Virus, Spyware, Ransomware & other Malware Protection

The Bench-Warmers

For all the good things in the world, there are the bad and the ugly. A few of the ugly that have only done mediocre jobs for us are:


Both of these companies have been under-performers in my experience.

Get Protected Today

If you want fully monitored, dependable, guaranteed protection, as always we are the Technology Solutions Provider you are looking for. Contact Peak Solutions today, and we will set you up with the finest fleet of antivirus on the wireless waters.

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